Most Asked: In a nutshell, what is WhiteGlove4Less all about?

Furniture store owners are paying outrageous prices for delivery only to have their product picked up days or even weeks after they have requested delivery. To be competitive, they are forced to offer very cheap/free delivery service.

However, delivery is never free. It’s quite the opposite. Furniture delivery charges could cost as much as the furniture itself. This hurts the furniture store owners’ overall profits, increases costs for the customer…or both.

And too often these third-party delivery companies take poor care of the product, which also hurts the store owner AND the customer. And customers have little visibility into their delivery status. We knew there was a better way. WhiteGlove4Less is a disruptive solution to furniture delivery; from manufacturer to doorstep.

Following are some of the more common questions and answers about our services. If your question isn't addressed, please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you!

What is meant by 'White Glove' service?

In general, the term “white glove service” means a higher level of care and attention to detail. We put it in our name and it’s a guiding principal in all we do.

Can I request WhiteGlove4Less to move furniture for me?

Not yet. WhiteGlove4Less works with furniture stores, flooring stores and big retailers to carefully deliver new furniture to your home, set it up and remove all packing materials…this is called “white glove service” and it’s what we do best!

Can I get a delivery without paying more for white glove service?

Yes. We offer more basic delivery options, but many customers find that the modest additional cost for white glove service is a refreshing alternative.

Does white glove service delivery take longer than other types?

Sometimes, but not by much. We inspect and preassemble your furniture BEFORE we come to your home. So we’re in and out faster and you can enjoy your new furniture sooner.

What is the WhiteGlove4Less service area?

Our rapidly growing service area currently includes both coasts and select metropolitan cities across the U.S., with international expansion well underway. Please contact us for the most current information on YOUR required service areas.